The Richest Man in North Carolina

The girlfriend and I took our little pup to Reynolda House today to walk around the grounds. The house was built for Robert Joshua Reynolds and his wife, Katherine. Reynolds founded the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in 1874. With his company he brought a booming economy into Winston, North Carolina. This house was completed in 1917 where he died, only one year later.

Upon our arrival, we discovered the house and museum to be closed for annual maintenance. After all the events that go on here, I can imagine the wear-and-tear on the grounds. The staff here plan on restoring the front and rear vistas as well as the connecting paths according to a press release.


IMG_0329IMG_0331In December 2014, the restoration of the pool was completed, and although the house is closed until February, I was able to take a few pictures of the pool through the windows.

IMG_0338IMG_0339IMG_0336I was interested to learn that bars across the windows were cages for the Reynolds’ parrots. With the fire place in the pool house I can imagine that it was quite warm year round.



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