It’s about to get sketchy

As I read about graduate programs for historic preservation, I have noted in the descriptions of some classes’ assignments where you are required to do some drawings of buildings or features by hand. Since then, I have been telling myself that I need to practice sketching so I can become comfortable with it by the time I reach those classes in my journey. Armed with my copy of A Field Guide to American Houses, I have begun this endeavor. I open to a random page, pick a house, and draw.


The Italianate house on the right was the first one and I think it was rather late at night when I thought trying to add brick to the house was a good idea.  But as with anything the more I drew the more confident and comfortable I felt, as you can hopefully see the smoother lines in the next image.

DSC_0002 The Second Empire house in the middle of the page is my favorite style. This one is not as elaborately decorated as most are in that style but I do enjoy a mansard roof. Next on my list is to get out and do some sketching in the field. I would like to also focus on particular features and not on just the front facade, maybe some fireplaces, windows, and doors.


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