It’s Time for a School Update

With the second week of school now over, I can say that it has been pretty fun and it’s definitely different than community college. This week I attended the first meeting of the Geography Club where I learned about the field school they do every summer. Nothing is set in stone yet but they did mention that the department was looking at going to Glacier National Park in Montana for their Summer 2017 school. I would very much like to go on this adventure so I do plan on making some inquiries. The first day of school last week, I learned that I could not receive credit for GEO 106 because of the geology class I had taken at Forsyth Technical CC. I had to drop that class and I signed up for GEO 311 which is Weather and Climate.

SurfaceMapOn the first day of my new class my professor showed us an image like this one and I could not make heads or tails of it but after only two weeks I can tell you about most of the readings on this map.

I am going to try to be more regular about posting on here but I am not making any promises. With that being said, I should get back to some school work.

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