Last Day of Freedom

Today marks the last day of no classes. The last day of no worries, no stress, no deadlines, no papers. As I sit at my desk looking over syllabi and jotting down due dates and reading assignments, I am overwhelmed but a fair bit of excitement has come over me as well. Excitement because I know I can accomplish the on-coming challenges and finish the semester knowing I gave it everything I had. Excitement for everything new I’ll learn and understand. Excitement knowing that I’m one step closer on this journey. I am looking forward to my involvement with the Geography Club which I was elected an office in October 2016 and my hopeful enrollment in the Lloyd International Honors College. I’ve been bouncing ideas off of friends for a research project in the Honors College but within the next few weeks I should be meeting with Dr. Tolbert, the liaison to the Honors program in the History Department. With potentially three more semesters at UNC-G, it won’t be long until I’m applying to graduate school and packing up and moving somewhere else. To where exactly, I won’t know for another year or so but I have a few schools I’d like to end up in mind. But that’s a post for another day. I’ll just leave all of you, my readers, sitting on the edge of your seat, racking your brain wondering where. Until next time!


One thought on “Last Day of Freedom

  1. You got this. Don’t stress you’re smart or you wouldn’t be considered for the Honor College. Good luck and ready to see the next chapter develop.


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