It would be an Honor

This past Monday, I met with Dr. Lisa Tolbert who is the liaison for the Honors College in the History Department and she was very excited about my interest in the program. Her interests align with mine in the areas of southern history and historic preservation so I was looking forward to meeting her. I shared a few potential topics with her and she liked what I had to say. I am wanting to research the role of slaves in building cities of the southern U.S. She was able to point me to several sources of new information I was not aware of. The ones I find most interesting and relevent are Southern Built: American Architecture, Regional Practice and Crafting Lives: African American Artisans in New Bern, North Carolina, 1770-1900. Both are written by Catherine W. Bishir, who is well known in the field and can boast an impressive resume.

We also discussed what I would need to do in order to graduate with Disciplinary Honors. I would need twelve credit hours in classed designated at Honors classes. Two of these classes can be contract classes which are regular history classes but at the outset of the class I would meet with the teacher and let them know I’m in the Honors program and some extra work would be assigned in order to receive the Honors credit. The last two classes I would need to take are related to my Honors research and project. Dr. Tolbert mentioned Jo Leimenstoll who is a professor at UNC-G specializing in architecture and historic preservation. She teaches a few classes related to those topics and I am hoping to make one of them a contract course. For my other contract course I have emailed Watson Jennison, my professor who taught Race and Slavery last semester about potentially doing an Honors Independent Study class focusing on slave labor or something along those lines. From the information learned in those classes I would then be able to narrow my research topic in the first of my Honors project classes where I do further readings and formulate my thesis. The final course is the actual writing of the paper which has to be roughly 30-50 pages.

I applied to the Lloyd International Honors College today and should have a response next week and I am awaiting a reply from Professor Jennison, as well. I am sure I’ll write a post once I’ve heard and after I’ve met with Dr. Tolbert again.


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